ETimer Application

ETimer application is simple yet flexible implementation of timer that can be used to split and manage your personal time. Its creation was motivated by Procrastination hack: "(10+2)*5" article. Basically ETimer counts down chunks of time and notifies you of their state changes.


ETimer features list includes:


You are free to download and use latest version of ETimer in form of:

Download Description Platform Approx. size Binary package for Windows platform win32 / x86 460kb Binary package for Linux platform linux / x86 460kb Sources as an Eclipse project, including default resources all 577kb


ETimer requires Java 2 Runtime Environment of version 1.5 or higher to be installed on a target machine to run.

Copyrights & License

ETimer application, all its binaries, resources and sources are licensed as it is described in Apache Foundation License v2.0.

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